Get Ready for Thanksgiving!

It's coming: the season of turkey and traffic, of making new memories and breaking out old recriminations. Get ready for the opening of the Christmas shopping season with the running of the Black Friday bulls (the bears stay home).

This Thanksgiving season we offer the following survival tips:

1. Get the jack-o-lantern off your porch.

2. Start thinking about what you're thankful for. This is sure to come up at dinner, and you don't want to be um-ing and er-ing.

3. Plan your Black Friday attack by previewing the ad circulars and increasing your workout schedule.

4. Set your DVR for some classic Thanksgiving TV.

5. Place an order for pie. Forget homemade. Seriously. Do you really want to spend November 23rd peeling apples and cursing sticky dough? Think of it as one small step for the GDP.

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