Not Your Ideal Thanksgiving Dinner (Videos)

Fire in the Hole

The oven is on fire, the alarm is blaring--and the turkey is raw. Think Martha Stewart could pull that off?

A Very Vegan Thanksgiving

The narrator asks, "A raw Thanksgiving, can you believe it?" And the answer: A resounding no!

Will It Blend? - Thanksgiving Dinner

It's Thanksgiving time, and we don't want toothless Uncle Floyd to feel left out. Here's how he can enjoy an entire Thanksgiving dinner in a glass.

Black Friday 2009 (Videos)

If this year is anything like 2009, here's what you can expect. Good luck out there!

Black Friday Trampling

White Girl, Black Friday (Rap)

Waste of Time

Amped Up Target Crowd

Hotels: Worth the Price

An anonymous and hellish Thanksgiving memory from New York state.

We were visiting the in-laws and were told to stay in a borrowed hunting trailer in the driveway as the house was "too full." There was no heat, and the water in my glass actually froze overnight. After surviving first night, we told the in-laws we were going to go to a hotel. We were offered a space heater and an extension cord. I imagined the headlines: "Family burns in freak trailer/space heater accident!" and refused the offer. We have reservations at a Marriott for this year.

Going for the TKO (Videos)

Whipped Cream: Not Just for Pie

Ah, the traditional Thanksgiving food fight!

Mashing the Potatoes

Sisterly love.

Thanksgiving Fight

As bad as the fight it, it’s not as bad as that horrible apartment.

Thanksgiving Cooking Experiments (Videos)

It’s a Turkey Made out of Tofu, Not a Freakin’ Double Rainbow!

>How Long to Bake a Turkey in a Toy Oven?

Step 1: Peel the Thanksgiving Garbanzos. Wait, Garbanzos??

Step 2: Get the Straw Ready. Wait, Straw??

A Thanksgiving Potpourri (Videos)

The Gobble Song

Makes you yearn for The Chicken Dance.

Thanksgiving Comedy

Please, don't keep us in suspense!

Thanksgiving "Don't Ask"

Grandma is a woman of few words. Happy New Year!