Hellish Graduations

Kindergarten Graduation in Gaza

It starts early...

Eager Grad

He went all out to earn that diploma.

Wet and Wild Graduation Party

At least it's raining hard enough to put out that fire!

Weddings: Do You Believe in Bad Omens? (Videos)

Bridezilla Gets in the Mood

I give it six months.

Quick! We Need a Hostess Cupcake Run!

Every bride's nightmare--or one of many.

Wedding Thriller Dance

The wedding party were zombies! More fun than hellish.

It's Not a Wedding Unless Somebody Cries

Of course, it's not usually the groom.

Happy Father's Day!

Father's Day of the Future for Celebrities

New technology has allowed a documentary crew to interview celebrity children about Father's Day in 2032.

The Father's Day Song

Musical comic, J. Chris Newberg shows his appreciation on Father's Day.

Fred on Father's Day

Fred's dad ran off when Fred was still in utero. His intuition really paid off.

June Wedding Mishaps (Videos)

Tis the Season...for Embarrassing Moments

Is nothing sacred?

Not a Baptism

Moral: choose your attendants - and your altar - carefully.


And they say weddings bring out the best in people. This should prove that theory wrong!