The Thanksgiving Eating Challenge (Videos)

Thanksgiving Pie Eating Contest

America's top competitive eaters see who can stuff the most pumpkin pie into their mouths in a Thanksgiving Day pie eating competition. Pumpkin pie is one of the toughest competitions, with a thick dry crust and a deep heavy filling. Eric "Badlands" Booker took the title, eating four whole pies and three eighths in just six minutes.

Thanksgiving Dinner With a Side of Soap

The challenge this Thanksgiving: holding down dinner for at least three minutes after finishing it.

Thanksgiving Turkey Eating Contest

On Thanksgiving Eve, an emaciated woman beat seven plus-size men at a turkey-eating competition in New York City.

Thanksgiving Soda Challenge

The best part: he doesn't like to drink out of the bottle! What's next, a little umbrella and an extended pinkie?

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