Considering Deep Frying A Thanksgiving Turkey? (Videos)

How Not to Deep Fry a Turkey

This turkey...the person frying the turkey, that is...needs a little lesson in appropriate footwear for deep frying. Of course, his brother-in-law isn't much help, dropping the thermometer into the boiling oil.

Turkey Deep Fry

How to make a great deep fried turkey. Note creative use of cardboard boxes and wire hanger.

The Dangers of Turkey Frying

FYI, turkey fryers aren't UL listed, and for good reason. Some valuable tips from the fire department - a must-see before you drop a big bird into a vat of hot, flammable liquid.

An Expert's View of Turkey Fires

A representative from Underwriters Lab illustrates why turkey fryers can be dangerous. Don't try this one at home!

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