Christmas Lights and Decorations (Videos)

Chipmunks Animated Christmas Lights

Okay, now you can't deny these lights are incredible, but The Chipmunks really are Hellish. Dig those hula hoops, though.

The Pulsing House

I hope they purchased blackout shades for the neighbors across the street.

Wizards In Winter Animated Christmas Lights

Here's someone who went all out on his Christmas lights this year. While I think they're far from Hellish, I'm also glad I don't live next door.

CSnowman Attack Caught on Camera

Don't try this at ANYONE's home: two men have been arrested and charged for assault on a snowman.

Sleigh Ride - Barenaked Ladies Animated

Great tune, funny rendition, incredible lights...what could be Hellish about that? Try living next door!

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