Hellish Holiday Coverage on the Web

I'm not the only one taking an unjaundiced look at the holidays. Here's some other recent coverage from around the web.

Wired: "Stranger in a Strange Land of Wretched Holiday Excess"
by Tony Long

Tony rants about "retail hysteria" and "narcissistic greed" and examines over-the-top gift recommendations.

Newsweek: Huckabee Plays the 'Christmas Card' on the Campaign Trail
by Andrew Romano

Mike Huckabee's new can't-miss slogan: "Merry Christmas."

The Telegraph (U.K.): "O Christmas tree, O Christmas Tree, Why Is Thy Cost So Exorbitant?"
by Carl Martished

The Danish Christmas Tree Growers Association is accused of fixing the price of firs and withholding shipments to create shortages credited with increasing prices 25% this holiday season. To quote Huckabee, "Merry Christmas!"

Wired: "Nightmare Christmas Movies You'll Never See"
by Lore Sjöberg

Lore suggests bad Christmas movie ideas, including "Santa Claus Has Cancer and Will Die Soon" and a remake of "A Charlie Brown Christmas" starring Jim Carrey as good ol' Charlie Brown. Wait, some of those ideas sound better than real Christmas movies I've seen recently!

CNN.com: "Taking the kids: Surviving the Relatives This Holiday Season"
by Eileen Ogintz

Eileen's been there, hosting way too many relatives and doing way too many dishes. She offers some good advice, but the best is: stay in a hotel.

Minnesota Monitor: "War on Christmas Ignores the Reason for the Season"
by Jeff Fecke

A fascinating history explaining how "Christ is but a bit player in the development of Christmas."

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  1. For more hellish tales check out "Celebrities Haunted by Christmas Past" from the New York Daily News and "The Sweater Only a Mom (and Analyst) Could Love" from the New York Times (registration required).


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